Marble and Stone

Marble & Granite

Mapsor marble & Stone established in Prime Marble & Granite in Rajasthan thirty years ago. The company has since grown to become a highly experienced and reliable supplier and installer of stone products. Mr. Akhilesh Sharma assures clients that they will receive the best standards of product and service. Mapsor Marble & Granite offers measuring, drawing, cutting, polishing, delivery and installation services. Presently Mapsor marble & Stone is established with their sister Units of Mapsor Marble Tools , Siddhant Marble Industry & Maharaha Marble Industry In addition to specializing in marble and granite, Mapsor Marble & Granite also manufactures kitchen bench tops, shop fronts and staircases. Other applications of the range include: wall cladding; paving, fireplaces; corporate fit-outs; bar tops; vanity tops; dining and coffee tables; and custom furniture. Over 35 different types of natural stone slabs and tiles are in stock at Mapsor's showroom, where the sales and customer service team provides professional advice in regards to pricing, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Located in Rajasthan as suppliers and importers, manufacturers, installers of marble and granite, we are well-established company that can accommodate all project sizes and budgets from multi-stored residential & commercial buildings to private houses. Our company policy targets on working closely with our clients and providing optional solutions to their natural stone requirements. We closely monitor factory production give prompt and personal service. We maintain supervisors specifically for quality control and ensure that materials are delivered as originally specified. Our specialized and professional expertise concentrate on the design know-how and with computerized technology, designs taken from Arts & Architecture are re-created with technical skill to produce a unique pattern of marble and granite surface finish.