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We take pleasure in introducing our company Mapsor Diamond Tools, as a leading diamond tool manufacturer located in India, Jaipur (Rajasthan) the city known for its Heritage Look and Big tourism spot and recognized as Pink city in India. Mapsor Diamond Tools was established in 1994 in Jaipur (India), with primary goal of providing high quality products at lower prices. Today we supply products such as diamond wire saw, diamond cutting saws, segments and core drills to customers worldwide for stone and construction Industries. The company is offering European quality product at very competitive price and competing successfully with the best in the world. Our customer-oriented model has helped us grow rapidly since inception. The Indian Industry, in general has become a major supplier of engineering goods to many prominent brands in the world. Good quality and lower production costs drive this trend. With our capacity and capabilities, we are also looking at marketing our products in Europe and other countries. If you are looking for outsourcing your product to cut your production cost, we have got the facility to provide. Our technical capabilities as well as lower manufacturing costs make it possible for us to be an ideal outsourcing partner for any diamond tools manufacturer. I am positive that our quality, service and pricing can help you to cut down your production costs resulting in increased profitability.