Business Group

The Mapsor Group of companies was founded in 1972 and since then we have pursued an unstinted path of growth despite national and international competition, growth with a social conscience has been our motto.

Our long term goal of building a global, multiproduct, multi brand company is now becoming a reality. With the bricks of inveterate faith in ourselves was laid the foundation of the Mapsor Group of companies, and we have since then built an industry where a bright future is churned out every moment we breath. We have brought prosperity to our business associates, security to our employees and productivity excellence to our customer’s ad business partners. We plan to follow this path for a longtime to come.

Our Services touch every aspect of commercial and civilian domains. Our basic working philosophy is to understand the wishes and need at our clients. All our services and products are developed and produced according to the principles of sustainable development. We believe that client satisfaction is the key to our success as individuals, professionals and as an ongoing business concern as such, client satisfaction is our firm’s number one goal and priority.

In our organization, quality and excellence are not just corporate slogans to garner business and profits. They are quintessential part of our very being because without high standards. We don’t measure up to our own ideals.